learn: napa valley college spring 2009

"education is not a preparation for life; education is life itself" - john dewey

since graduating from college in 2001 i have been curious about taking classes at the napa valley community college. don't get me wrong, the education i received at boston university was incredible, but i have always felt this desire to know more. + for the past 7 years i have read about + highlighted all the classes that i wanted to take + sadly, until this past fall, never found the time for it! i finally realized that my problem was the amount of excitement + enthusiasm i had about too many classes {losing focus is a problem of mine}. so this year out of the 6 classes picked out, i narrowed in on one. one was doable! introduction to digital art + design taught by carla golder. it has been such a great experience...the inspiration alone has been invaluable. not to mention all of lovely people i otherwise would have not had the opportunity to meet. 

my point for this post is that i wanted to encourage everyone to take a look at the spring 2009 catalogue {click here}. maybe you are like me + have thought about it, but have never gotten around it. regardless, i highly recommend taking advantage of this amazing educational opportunity we have here in the valley. language, art, computers, literature, cooking...just pick one!

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