happy 2009!

happy, happy new year to everyone! 

as 2008 has come to an end i have been thinking quite a bit about what i want to accomplish in 2009 {really? what a surprise!} + as usual i have been coming up with quite the list of resolutions. it was a nice list. however, last night while hanging out with my friend insomnia i finally resolved myself to the fact that the usual grand new years resolutions have done very little for me {yes, i finally figured it out}. to be quite honest i make plans + lists every day. they are easy, like imagining what i would do if i won the lotto.

now don't get me wrong, i should include "lose 10 pounds by march 1st" somewhere on a list {along with a whole slew of other things to resolve/accomplish}. but after reflecting on 2008 + what it meant to me, i think 2009 needs to be less about reading 2 books a week + eating better...+ more about the core of who i am. i believe these things below are more likely to get me through this year than being a size zero...

*be a little more confident, brave, patient + focused.
*be proud, but gracious + humble.
*have faith in the unknown. 
*be comfortable with the idea of failure.
*trust myself + others.
*give more. listen more. talk less.
*embrace change.
+ just for fun...read more, ride more, sleep better + buy the winning lotto ticket.

may your 2009 be filled with peace, happiness, good health, exciting travels, special moments, delicious meals, much love + success.

cheers! nm

side note: pic is of my newest addition santos juan pablo {pabs}, 7 months.


  1. Hi, this is really cool that you do this! And I HEART your list of resolutions...think they are my life's work really! :) Enjoy!