i don't always heart napa

when i originally started this blog i resolved myself to the fact that if i had nothing nice to say i wouldn't say it at all. if i didn't like a restaurant, instead of bashing it, i just wouldn't mention it. in my opinion there are plenty of other blogs that do a great job of entertaining the world with their complaining. however, today i am actually frustrated enough to break my silence. so what could it possibly be?  our movie theater. yes! thats right, i am sorry to say it...the people are nice, the popcorn is fresh, but bottom line its disgusting + falling apart + smells. + if that wasn't reason enough, they NEVER show decent movies. hell, i would forgive the grungy setting if they would show just one. you know, one of those 6 that received rave reviews + has been nominated for a golden globe {+ perhaps even an oscar}. 

so napa cinedome, if you are reading this post, please see my wish list below:

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