what i love about today.

pablo on christmas morning

1. waking up to see pablo quietly peeking his head in the door (i do not pretend he is excited to see me anymore, he is purely driven by food).

2. visiting zeller's ace hardware on lincoln. seriously, the nicest + most knowledgeable people. i love looking at the shelves + all their neatness. so clean + organized. i could spend forever in there just imaging what each tool did...wishing i knew how to use them. 

3. the weather is perfect. cool morning, warm (but not too warm) afternoon with a little breeze.


4. i love that my buyers are over the moon with their purchase - all set to close on monday!

5. peaches + melon + tomatoes + fresh herbs + the thought of going to the farmers market in the morning!

6. my newest free find - a filing cabinet! one more project, but its a beauty. can't believe someone was throwing this away.

free find!


  1. NICOLE; I threw that away.

  2. no. someone else did. actually they were giving it to the goodwill + the goodwill was throwing it away!

  3. I'd love to know how you restore your cabinet. I have a similar one that needs a little glitzing.

  4. hi rachelle - love your blog! i will definitely put a link on to your site.
    re: the cabinet, i am actually going to try to pressure wash it - not something i would normally do, but it looks like after a good wash it will be looking 10x lovelier! really, i don't want to do much more to it because i love the details of it's age!