MERLOVE: a documentary about merlot wine

i have been wanting to do a proper post about merlove for some time now. and since i am not a movie critic or a particularly strong writer, i kept putting it off {sorry!!!}. basically, i let my fear of not being able to write a review worthy of such a beautiful film keep me from writing one at all. bad excuse, but i loved it that much! {hope that made sense?}

merlove is a documentary about merlot wine written and directed by rudolf "rudy" mcclain and marisol ramirez. i love it. you need to watch it and love it too. then drink a bottle of merlot {my favorite is swanson}. actually drink a bottle {or two} while watching the movie.

the dvd is being released tomorrow {saturday, november 14} and as it turns out rudy will be signing them at v. sattui winery from 11 am to 1 pm.

• merlove trailer no. 2 •

• merlove trailer no. 1 {i do things backwards} •

{more merlove love}

buy the dvd: merlove.com


  1. Nicole, Just a heads up, Swanson is planning on hosting a Merlove DVD release showing at 3 locations in the bay area (Pleasanton, San Francisco and Palo Alto) very soon. Rudy and Chris Phelps (Swanson winemaker) will be there to discuss the film and sign DVDs.. More info soon.. -cc

  2. sounds exciting. let me know when!