our wedding.

my husband and i were engaged at the end of march of this year... and married just a few months later on june 12 in a small town outside of todos santos called pescadero. rancho pescadero to be precise. looking back on everything now has me in total disbelief that we were able to pull off such a wonderful event in such a short amount of time. especially an event located outside of the united states. what is even more impressive to me is that both my husband and i had so much going on in our world outside of the wedding, we had no time to give planning it. honestly, no time. 

entrance at rancho pescadero
{the entrance . rancho pescadero.}

if it were not for my father and lisa harper at rancho pescadero, this would not have come together so perfectly. what they were able to orchestrate in a short amount of time was incredible. beyond incredible. i gave them full control over everything. the only requests i had were the paper flowers, papel picados and rugs to be laid out on the ground during the ceremony. and even those requests were mentioned about 2 weeks prior to the wedding. lisa was a rockstar. her team of people at rancho pescadero are all rock stars. she designed the tables, she picked out my cake, she found the papel picados, she suggested bands, bought the flowers for my bouquet and even ironed my dress (because i just don't trust myself with irons). i adore her.

{there are no words to express how grateful i am to this amazing man. he is so special + kind + talented + generous. gracias philip.}

ok, that above paragraph was a bit misleading. i think planning a wedding in mexico in two months time would have much harder if didn't have my sister, a brilliant makeup artist. my uncle, an insanely talented hairstylist. our dear friend, a gifted photographer. my mother, a skilled florist. and my father, a person born into and lived his life in the food industry. oh and who also has great taste in music, makes an insane margarita, speaks spanish (definitely came in handy) and generally knows how to have a great time. so thank you times a million you guys. i love you.

dress details
{veil from vianett in yountville. found less than 7 days before i left for mexico!}

{my dress. from jcrew. edited just a bit.}

flowers from the property
{sunflowers from the property. their garden is incredible.}

{the perfect setting.}


miss karla
{sweet karla from rancho pescadero. everyone there is so special.}

{must. have. bubbles.}


{ceremony was officiated by the most lovely christine of rancho pescadero.}

{i heart mariachi bands!}



table details

salsa bar.
{salsa bar. fyi very hot means very, very hot.}

food stations.
{i love the paper flowers, papel picados, burlap + oil cloth all together in this room!}

{taco stations. the shrimp were my favorite.}

{our first meal married... "street tacos"}

{the bar at rancho pescadero. i kind of want to live there permanently.}

{every wedding needs candles. lots of candles.}

{the most delicious cake. ever.}

{fresh strawberries, cream + white chocolate. + those wedding cookies. a dream.}

{surprise fireworks for our first dance.}


{i heart my dad. thank you. thank you.}

what i learned from this whole experience is that there is such beauty in being able to put blind faith and trust into other people... let things happen as they may and just remember to focus on what is important. marriage. i say this because about 2 weeks prior to leaving for mexico i went into panic mode. i finally had time to look at wedding websites and see all of the little details that i didn't do. i was upset that we didn't have time to listen to music for a first dance (our song was picked out an hour before the ceremony. thank you michelle!), i was bothered that instead of losing weight for my wedding, i packed it on. did i need a ring bearer? did i need shoes? i completely spaced on a guest book. actually, i contemplated hauling my royal typewriter down, but remembered my last experience bringing a motherboard through customs (yes, motherboard. long story). oh, and what about menus? or just something with our names and the date of our wedding. and the night before we left for mexico, i realized that i had never talked with philip about my hair or ashley about my makeup. or my mom about the flowers. those things were all to be decided on the day of. i felt like such an anti-bride. most people have all of those things figured out before boarding a plane. but in the end, it all worked out. and although there were little details missing (invitations being one), i do not believe a wedding planned for a year could be any more more special than what was created for us!


  1. Stunning, stunning, stunning!!!

  2. No one remembers those minor details - you took care of everything of importance, and put the focus on the key ingredient: you and the groom. The whole experience looks magical, and it's not just because you wore the most stunning veil I have ever seen.

    As someone who also has less than two months to plan her own wedding, I have decided you are my role model! And, like you, our wedding would not be coming together without some amazing, super talented friends and family!

  3. thank you both! you are too kind!

    brooke - i wish you happy planning. are you getting married here in the valley? i heart amazing, super talented friends + family. what would we do without them?!?

  4. Very cool - thanks very much for sharing. I am all for short engagements! A lifetime of happiness to you both.