my office is almost done!

I am beyond excited at just the thought of having an office. Thankfully, my hardworking husband is finally making it happen (truth be told he got sick of my stuff everywhere!). I have been a mess since we started my basement/office/studio "project" over at my house last January... for 8 months I have been working on my bed, in the kitchen and on the floor in the living room. I have books and pens and pads of paper all over the house. A project that would usually take 30 minutes, has taken hours... mostly because I have not been able to find a thing. Do you know how crazy making it is to not be able to find something you know you have? Yay for an organized life! 

Anyways, I will post the progress as it come together. We are going to paint the trim tonight and start moving things in tomorrow. I am looking forward to decorating... already drew up two different floor plans. Having some difficulty figuring out exactly where I want to put things. Actually, if I had no budget, I would know exactly where to put things... but right now I am going to work with what I have! 

Oh - has anyone painted a metal filing cabinet? How did it turn out? I want to paint mine white, but worried it won't look right. 

ps . here is a link to my "office inspiration" board



  1. Coming along nicely!! The two of you together with your creativity and his skills, will no doubt create a lovely home inside and out! Great progress... :)