donate | your halloween candy.

{evidence of my husband's late night snacking.}

We have so much Halloween candy left over at our house it is wrong. When I woke up this morning and found my husband's empty wrappers left over from his late night snacking (see above image) and then consumed about 4 Kit Kats myself (for the 5th day in a row), I knew it all had to go T O D A Y!

After a quick Google search I found several great articles on donating your Halloween candy... I have included links to them below (just in case you are feeling the same way I am!).  

PR Web


  1. This is genius-thank you for sharing! My living room was completley littered with wrappers this morning too... while I have some will power against chocolate, my dear husband has ZERO! Trouble...

  2. definitely trouble! my husband is not happy with me now :)