happy sunday.

{my furry baby pablo... loving the autumn weather.}

I am pleased as punch to announce that my Mister and I are expecting our first child this coming May. Just ten days shy of my 33 birthday! We are both over the moon (and a tad bit scared)! 

Today marks my 15th week and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I start to feel better soon... this whole feeling hung over (for the past three months!) without drinking a bottle or two of wine has not been fun! 
{pablo y pat... step brother + sister.}



  1. wow! these are the best kinds of posts! congrats! however, hangover symptoms sans wine sounds nightmarish - but i am sure you take comfort knowing your suffering is for a great cause-nothing beats a baby :) here is to hoping you feel better soon!

  2. thank you for your note! that is exactly what i keep telling myself every time i feel sick. :)