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{twenty four weeks.}

good morning + happy sunday to you! yesterday was such a beautiful day here in napa. took pablo out for a walk at alston park in the morning and then went shopping with a friend for maternity work wear (which turned out to be as unsuccessful as every time before, but i had a nice time with my friend!) and then met up with my clients to give them some good news. 

poor mister b went fishing and got stuck in the mud. apparently, he had to wait hours for high tide to roll in and get him unstuck. all i can say is thank goodness i wasn't with him! 

yesterday i only snapped one photograph and that was with my phone... twenty four weeks and this boy is kicking like crazy. after having such a rough start, i really didn't think i would ever enjoy pregnancy... but as it has progressed, i am loving it more and more. i feel full of so much love and gratitude!


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