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{perfect snack after a long day of travel. thank you terri... best chef ever!}

Wouldn't you know... I was up, showered and out the door by 5.30 am yesterday to go to the bank and drop something off at the escrow company. Bags already packed and at my dad's house the day before (soooo unlike me!). All I needed was to go back home and finish a few things for work before leaving the house at 6.30 am. Once I got back home, I noticed that my passport was missing from my little pile of things on the table. After tearing apart the house, I realized that I must have left it at the store yesterday when I used it to write a check (very much like me!). So now it is 6 am, the store doesn't open until 9 am and I am begging their corporate offices to get in touch with someone who can let me in ASAP. After leaving several messages for the manager, I pretty resolved myself to the fact that I was not flying out yesterday. Called my dad in tears to tell him I can't go... he told me no one would leave their passport at a store and to look some more (I know he doesn't believe that... because I am the one who always loses her credit cards and driver license). Finally at 7 am I notice a magazine that I was planning on bringing with me on the plane placed on the top of a bowl on a very high shelf... one higher than my eye level. As it turns out my sweet and ever so thoughtful husband moved my things the night before... or as he put it, cleaned up. Thank goodness he wasn't home or I may have harmed him. Who puts a passport in a bowl on a high shelf and then covers it with magazines!?!? :)

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