{thank goodness my husband loves puppies more than i do.}

Hello! I brought this little girl back with me from Todos Santos last night. She is from the same lady who helped me get Pablo... apparently someone put her in her courtyard a few weeks back and she hasn't had any luck finding her a home down there. The truth is, most of people in Todos already have 5 rescue dogs and it isn't easy to find homes for new ones. I brought her home because we are hoping to have more luck up here in California. Sooooo if anyone is looking for a puppy or knows someone who wants one, please, please pass her along! I am going to take more photos today and post all of her information by tomorrow.

Thank you!!!!


  1. oh, my heart!

    she looks so much like my sweet dog daria when she was just a pup.

    i look forward to more info + photos...

  2. agh! my goodness, she is gorgeous.