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Happy Sunday to you!
{eggs benedict at alexis baking company in napa.}

Matt is not a big breakfast eater, so when he agreed to go with me to breakfast yesterday I was over the moon! It is seriously one of my most favorite things to do. I normally won't try to battle the crowds at ABC on the weekend, but since we were up early and it was raining, I figured we would have a good shot at a table on this particular weekend morning. Thankfully, I was right... and we landed a perfect table right by the window. After one of the best breakfasts I have had in a long time, we headed over to two estate sales (both a bit of a disappointment)... and then came back home, where Matt finished cleaning out the garage and I made more of a mess in my office. I am pretty sure Matt thinks I am the most messy person ever. I have assured him that once I am in a house where I don't feel like I am living out of boxes and have a proper place to put everything, my clutter will go away. Hopefully saying that will get him to finally finish my studio and laundry room! 

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  1. I love ABC! My grandmother loved it too and took me there frequently when I was a little girl. It kind of fell off my radar, but Kyle and I have made the trip twice in the last month. To die for!