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Happy Friday! Again, I find myself apologizing for my absence (wink, wink Terri). These past few weeks have been incredibly busy for me in my real estate and photography world... leaving my iheartnapa world behind. Oh and if my life wasn't already crazy enough, my mister and I decided to put his house on the market in a week or so... so every spare moment has been spent cleaning out closets, boxing up clutter and trying to figure out exactly what is going to fit into my cute little house. 

I have been so busy that yesterday when I took a nasty little fall outside of the bank, I couldn't help but look at it as the universe telling me to slowdown. The photograph above was taken today while visiting the hospital. My little man was not as active as usual and after falling yesterday, I wanted to make sure he was OK... so, I am very happy to report that although I feel like I have been hit by a truck, he is just fine :)

Hope you all are staying dry or getting some good runs in up in Tahoe! 

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