34 weeks.

6 weeks left to go + i am so very anxious to meet this little one. it is amazing the amount of love i have for someone who i have never met. every kick + movement makes me smile + fills me with so much happiness... there really are no other words to describe it.

i had another check up today + everything looks good. looking forward to the check up in two weeks where we get to actually see him again!

hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful sunshine today!


  1. I think I might have already commented that you make such a cute preggo!

    A while back you posted a pic using Hipstamatic...I got it and love messing around with it. http://www.wakingupinvegas.com/2011/04/16/whats-in-your-phone-camera-phone-pics/

    Hope your feeling fabulous and getting lots of sleep before baby comes.