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as you know we are moving to my little casa over in alta heights in a few short weeks... and the list of things that need to be fixed/finished/updated is super long. but the one project that i more or less required to be done prior to moving in is the bathroom. the thought of living in a house with no toilet for 2 weeks is less than ideal! 

my husband demolished the bathroom over the weekend (in the heat and on the 4th of july... thank you dear matt!). so if all goes well, we should have the bathroom completed by next week. the main thing that we need to figure out at this point is the sink and shower fixtures. we have spent hours online, going through magazines and in home depot looking for the right style (and within our budget... i have found several that i really want from waterworks, but i just could not justify spending that kind of money when i know we have a million other things to do to the house). i think we are going to venture outside of the valley this afternoon to look at fixtures at lowes... either way we need to make a decision by tonight in order to get things done in time for the tile guy! 

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