recycle: your christmas tree {sat 3, 2009}

i don't know about you, but i just got used to the idea that christmas is {was} here! so to sit down + write this post makes me feel a bit gloomy. for me, there is something about the holiday spirit that eases the pain of this super chilly + wet weather we have been having. perhaps, come january i should display a pair of skis in my living room to keep those happy thoughts coming.

skis or not, the tree has got to go! + the napa valley boy scouts of america have kindly offered to take it away for us on saturday, january 3rd.

if you would like to participate in the 34th annual christmas tree pick up + recycling day, leave your tree on the curb by 9 am on saturday, january  3rd {please refrain from setting it out early...don't want to upset your neighbors!}. a $5 donation would be greatly appreciated. the boy scouts will come to your door, so please do not leave the $ on the tree.

oh + its very important that your tree be free of all ornaments, nails, tinsel, stands, + metal spikes.  

if you would like to keep your tree a little bit longer {or miss this event} you may put your tree out for collection on your normal service day beginning the following monday. wreaths, pumpkins +  other holiday greenery go in your yard waste cart. napa recycle + waste will turn all your holiday greenery into compost, mulch or fuel for alternative energy!

cheers! nm


  1. Good idea and site looks great.

  2. sweet and to the point. good economy of words.