recycle: corks!

i drink quite a bit of wine {+ bubbles!} + as a result have tossed many a cork in the trash bin. throwing these little guys away has always bothered me, but the idea of crafting cork boards + trivets out of my used corks never really appealed to me {a little too crafty}...

so as you can imagine i was thrilled to learn about the recycling programs recork america + yemm + hart are offering to tasting rooms, restaurants + wine drinkers like me. they recycle + remake our used corks into flooring tiles, building insulation, sporting equipment, shoe soles + soil conditioner...

for more information about recycling your used corks please check out the following links:

whole foods market . bel aire plaza, napa
jv wine + spirits . silverado trail, napa
vallerga's market . redwood plaza, napa
v wine cellar . yountville
wilson daniel's . st. helena

please note that only natural cork is accepted. no plastic or metal closures please!

cheers! nm


  1. Nicole

    Nice post. Recycling corks is a great initiative. The company behind ReCork America, Amorim, has also launched an environmental campaign called “Save Miguel” (www.savemiguel.com) which is aimed at saving the cork forests of the Mediterranean. There is quite a bit of support for saving these beautiful habitats as is evident by the Save Miguel group on FaceBook (www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=22082195398). It is good to know that something as simple as buying wine sealed with a natural cork stopper can have such a positive effect on the environment.

  2. Are these the same corks puppy chewed/ate?

  3. Is this a picture of the same corks puppy ate? Love your blog.

  4. yes! soon after i took this picture pablo thought it was his chew toy!!! i guess he wanted to get started on the recycling process...

  5. Great blog! I've been in Napa around 3 years, but am always looking for fun things to do. We have lots of the same interests, so I'll be sure to check back!