explore: muir beach

{my sister ashley + my pup pablo}

yesterday my sister ashley + i packed a picnic + took our mom to muir beach for mother's day! we had such a lovely afternoon...the sun was out, the air was fresh, the drive was gorgeous {no traffic i might add}, a sweet lady moved her car over a bit so we could park {thank you sweet lady}, we indulged in some homemade fried chicken + a delicious fruit salad, nibbled on cookies + cupcakes, sipped on wine, chatted + people watched.  

{ashley's cupcakes}

i have to say what made the day extra special {besides being with my mom} was the fact that pablo could be included. he was such a good boy...loved every minute of playing in the ocean + soaking up the sun. his puppy curiosity + charm made us all giggle {got to love a dog friendly beach}! 

{santos juan pablo}

it was days like yesterday that remind me not only of how lucky we are to live in california, but how the simplest things can bring you the most joy. 

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  1. I'm looking forward to getting nout of rainy England later this year to house hunt in napa....a trip to the beach is a must for my baby daughters.