happy day!

i heart you.
i think i have mentioned more than once that sfgirlbybay is one of my favorite websites. so you can imagine how i felt this morning when i went on to her site and saw that one of my pictures was included in one of her posts!! yes, MY PICTURE! {still can't believe it}

i was pretty much speechless all morning. this is a woman who i have admired for quite sometime...a lady who i am constantly finding inspiration from. but truthfully what touched my heart the most is the subject that my picture was included with. pink for national breast cancer awareness month.

my grandmother . audrey mcintosh

when i had originally shot and posted this picture online i had done so with the purpose of sending it to the people i love. it was a picture that i wished i could have shared with my grandmother. i shared everything with her and i knew she would have loved the message. she was the most amazing and special person i have ever met. another lady with style and grace...who inspired me daily. a strong and beautiful woman who battled and survived breast cancer a few years ago. she truly would and did give everything of herself to make people feel good. she passed away this march and i miss her more than words can describe. the one thing i do find comfort in is that fact that barely a day went by without me telling her i loved her. and she the same to me.

please remember to tell those you love that you do. you'll never regret it.

also, please remember to check your breasts and check out national breast cancer awareness month's website here!

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