rain makes me nervous.

{my couch . by pablo}

yes. that is a picture of my couch. no. i did not kill my dog after i walked in the door. however, i stood there speechless for a good 10 minutes, yelled at pablo, cried {more or less because i was exhausted and did NOT know what to do with all of those feathers} and and then called my mom. moms rock. they know how to handle everything. at least i am pretty certain my mom does.

this took place in february of this year {2009}. pablo was about 6 months old. to say he is an active dog is an understatement. but in his defense he had gone from daily exercise and puppy play dates to a 10 day road trip {not vacation, lots of leash laws!}, then came home to be neutered, followed by another 10 or so days of "rest". once the "rest" period was over it started to pour...and pour and pour. and my little dog from a beach town in mexico apparently didn't like the rain or didn't like me for not liking the rain enough to take him to the park.

pablo . jan 09
{how can you be mad at this face?}

soooooooo, yesterday as the rain was pouring down outside i started to get nervous. day ONE {1} of rain and he is pacing the house like a mad man. i even took him up to my friends ranch in angwin {long drive in the rain}...40 plus acres of free land to run and play and chase animals and all he wanted to do was run hot laps around my poor friend. mission: tire pablo out. FAILED! looks like i either need to buy a good water proof running outfit or ship pablo to todos santos for the winter!

oh. and yes. i am still finding feathers in the most random places.


  1. yikes! there must be something in the air--it was not quite this bad, but my dog just ripped a hole in my sofa...

    congratulations on your photos being featured on sfgirlbybay!

  2. thank you katherine!
    hope your sofa is ok! if not, i have a name for a good upholsterer!

  3. oh and love your etsy shop katherine!

  4. oh, P.S.

    it seems we have some mutual friends, i know half of the people in your flickr photos!