LOVING the napa county library.

i am having mini obsession with the napa city/county library. thank you to my dear friend olivia {who until just recently i thought was a bit odd for knowing her library card number by heart}. i am especially loving their website. loving it so much i made it my default homepage AND bought a friend's of the library bag {just like olivia's. it was only ten dollars. and goes to a good cause. i had to get it}.

you know that feeling you get when a package comes in the mail? i seriously feel that way whenever i browse, reserve and ultimately pick up my books...oh and the best part - it's all free! FREE! i love free. its so free, i sometimes feel guilty. i wonder if this is the same kind of satisfaction a personal shopper feels...if so, i want to be a personal shopper.

anyways, yesterday i returned a car load of various dvd's {which they allow you to check out for 3 weeks...free and no late fees. see? amazing}, photography, photoshop and recipe books. and picked up some other books i ordered online...i just loved see them all bundled up waiting for me on the shelf! more photography, sewing, graphic design and books on law {don't ask}. a normal person would have checked those out and left...or at the very least they would have left their reserved books on the shelf...but no, i was afraid they were so awesome someone would take them. their awesomeness quickly got old because one, carrying books hurts your arms and two, you can't look at other awesome books while your hards are full. since leaving without looking at more books was not an option, i set them on a chair at the end of the aisle. as luck would have it not one minute went by before someone came to put them back! i think it was around the time i was half walking/half running down the aisle, first whispering, then yelling that those books were mine {didn't he see the reserve tags!?!?} that i realized i had a problem. or maybe it was when the man {who volunteers at the library...must be more obsessed than me, right?} made a comment about how many books i had. if not then, most definitely it was when after i embarrassingly gathered back all my books and started to lug them to the checkout stand and stopped at a full shelf of beautiful books on learning how to upholster...i seriously started pulling these new ones off the shelf like i do shoes on a sales rack and at the same time looking around for a cart! that was when it sunk in...and for next two or so minutes i just sat there silently debating with myself... like a mom {b} would with a child {a}.

a: these books are perfect and i neeeeeeeeeeeeded them!
b: you do NOT need another project
a: but what if these interesting and informative books are not here the next time?
b: if you need two trips to the checkout stand/car, you will not have enough time to read and study them before they are due.
b: seriously nicole? a cart? at the library?
a: but i REALLY want to upholster those two chairs i found at the estate sale three weeks ago.
b: you first need to finish painting those night stands you got at an estate sale 6 months ago. AND remember that landscaping project you are in the middle of? the one with all that gravel still in your driveway.
a. but i like have a lot of different books because i never know what i am in the mood for...
b: when you utter "i don't have a tv" to the lady at the counter because you are embarrassed with how many books you have...adding more doesn't help.

i ended up leaving those books on the shelf. i am pretty sure i only did it because i was embarrassed. will probably go back in a couple days. it could be worse.

click here to visit the napa city/county website for hours and more information.

napa county library locations:

napa city/county library
580 coombs street
napa, california 94558

1492 library lane
st. helena, california 94574

calistoga library
1108 myrtle street
calistoga, california 94515

yountville library
6548 yount street
yountville, california 94599

american canyon library
3421 broadway
american canyon, california 94503


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