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it's safe to say i am a morning person. i love mornings. no matter how late i stay up, i can never sleep in {occasionally that fact sucks}. there is something about the start of a new day that makes me happy. and yes, gone with the wind has been my favorite movie since i was 7.

anyways, i especially love fall mornings {on the weekend} in the valley! and today happened to be one of those rare perfect mornings where i didn't have anywhere to be. no commitments. no set plans. no waking up in a panic thinking about the tasks on my ever growing list of things to do {SUPER RARE!}. there was an estate sale i wanted to go by, but for once it wasn't at my foremost thought. and since i was up earlier than usual {so early the dogs didn't get up}, i figured i would made a cup of tea and crawl back into bed with my laptop for a bit. well, a bit turned into missing the estate sale, but only because i stumbled across some new fun blogs/websites. perfect morning!

hope you like them too.

helen jane * lovely bog written by another napa valley lady...who also runs a cheese club called cheesewhizzes * love it!

molly watson and her blog the dinner files * i discovered her though one of my all time favorite blogs sfgirlbybay. they both rock.

5 second rule * she made me hungry.

super natural recipes * natural food recipe search engine.

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