sunday with my family {on the napa river}.

happy dad.
{my dad's first time fishing in the napa river}

i had such a lovely evening with my family last night. seeing them reminds me how much i have missed them. sometimes i can't believe i am the same girl who moved clear across the united states to go to college. the girl who is now back in napa and wishing they would stop being retired and stick around more.

this past year has been filled with so much sadness and loss, seeing my parents this happy and at peace was heartwarming to say the least. the napa river is magical. it is raw and serene and healing and calming...and i know the right place for my father now.

happy boo.
{boo. i wonder if all pugs are as funny as him?}

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  1. he is so cute! we have a fawn pug. he is crazy, but we love him!
    p.s. i owe you an email. it's coming!