meet: girdie girl.

if you have read my blog in the past, you most likely have seen a picture of my handsome boy pablo. + although he is featured here on a regular basis, i do not believe i have shared the full story of santos juan pablo (his official name)...+ how he came to live with me here in napa. i will say, our story is a love story + it does deserve to be told, but it will have to wait for another day because today i wanted to write about another perro de calle, a little girl named girdie.

miss girdie girl needs a home.
{miss girdie girl}

miss girdie was found a few days ago outside of my parent's home in todos santos (baja). at this point we are pretty certain there is this big flashing sign, similar to the one in beetlejuice, pointing all stray dogs to my parent's home (this of course can not be confirmed, as it is is only visible to dogs). since we are certain this sign exists, i was far from surprised to hear that they had found + ultimately brought this little girl into their home. seriously, every time they go down to todos santos, they find another dog who is in desperate need of love. actually, more often than not these dogs just show up on their doorstep. a few years ago it was cowboy. oh, he was such a doll. + then there was rocky...i was obsessed with him (he was my first. such a long + sad story, which actually ties into pablo's story. so stay tuned). + then there was a very, very sick little puppy with one eye. + then there was indy, who we found on the beach. she now lives with my sister ash. + then there was another little puppy who was found under a tractor, a few yards from their house...+ of course there is pablo! seriously, the list goes on...

so here we are again, another year, another dog. girdie is in very bad shape. my dad said she is in one of the worst conditions he has seen yet...this poor girl was beyond starving, she was infested with fleas, she is missing patches of hair, she has been attacked by other animals, she was left for dead. my dad's description - "she is the ugliest thing i have ever seen." of course he said it with love...we all know a dog's beauty is in it's personality. but i think you get the point.

miss girdie girl.
{happy girl.}

as we stand today, with the help of a local vet, they are working on getting her healthy. from these pictures you can see she still has a long way to go. they had some tests done to see if she has ehrlichia (a disease spread by ticks)...keeping fingers crossed they come back negative. once she gets better, they will need to find her a good home. i'll keep her progress updated on this site.

on a happy note, i spoke to my dad this morning + he was pleased to report that in just a few days she has developed quite the personality. another non-surprise, as with most all of the other mexican street dogs i have come across, once given a little food + a little love, they have blossomed into the sweetest, most hilarious little creatures to exist (ok, a bit dramatic i know, but we need to find her a home).

cheers! nm

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  1. DAD AND TERRI1/9/10, 7:18 AM

    that was very sweet Nicole. She is doing great; happy, and starting to bark at passerbyers( a mexican dog tradition), protecting their turf ( owners home).. we love you and will send more pics... she'll have another vet visit on Monday, check her weight and get another shot.... LOL...