my little house.

hello. hope you all are having a lovely weekend. i have been doing quite a bit of dreaming...of spring, horseback riding in point reyes, gardening + playing outside in the warm sun on a beautiful beach.

my little house in the spring
{dreaming of spring • my little house}

i have also started a new project in my basement. very exciting. actually very, very, very messy, but the thought of it being done, exciting. i can't wait to share with you the entire project. i have been taking lots of pictures, but to be honest am a bit embarrassed by all of the junk i have collected through the past 9 years (so still on the fence with regards to posting those pictures here!). in the meantime, i have included a little drawing my darling roommate put together of my future office space. what do you think? this is my first big project, so any input is always appreciated!

big plans.
{office plans, draft no. 1}

note: to anyone planning on doing any sort of remodeling - get a pod, working around my junk has been a nightmare.