just a small little project.

after living in (and bursting out of) this funky little house for nearly 9 years, i am finally able to renovate my basement...here are some pictures of the project so far. i will definitely write more about this project later in the weeks to come. oh what an adventure it has been. i can not wait for it to be done.
basement renovation: before + during
{future office • before + during}

{trying so hard to be useful.}

basement renovation: the office
{love the new closet space under the stairs. my sweet boy is so smart.}

{hammering in little metal plates over the wires before installing drywall.}

basement project: office 2
{i had no idea installing drywall would be SOOOO messy...
oh + i have a huge appreciation for those who install + tape drywall. talent!}

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