oh how i love anthropologie...

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{ruffles + converse = happy}

last fall and all through the winter i was in love with this jacket from jcrew...what i am saying? i am still in love with it! wish i could wear it to bed...but now that spring is here (and we had two whole days of sunshine), i found myself needing something just a bit lighter. or at least that is what i told myself when i walked up to the checkout stand at anthropologie the other day.

{curio collar jacket}

how could i resist with all that cuteness? those ruffles and rhinestones...it was just waiting for me to take it home.

i also fell in love with these pieces below. but somewhere between grabbing them off the rack and walking to the dressing room, images of my basement started to pop into my head. that darn little project, which is no longer little...the one that needs doors and door knobs and waterproofing and window casings and rugs and furniture...well, it most certainly put a stop to me even trying them on.

{rippling pond jacket.}

{love this whole outfit.}

{images via anthropologie.com}

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