how to: plan a wedding in 70 days.

i have no clue. but i am going to try my hardest to figure it out. did i mention it is to take place in todos santos, mexico? i like to do things the hard way. oh boy...at this point i am desperately trying not to pull my hair out (i need it for the wedding).

any tips or websites or blogs you recommend...please send my way. pretty please, with sugar on top. i will be forever grateful.

ps. we have at least figured out the venue, a little place called rancho pescadero...going down on thursday to check it out. will post pictures soon. xo


  1. my sister's blog is http://finishingtoucheventdesign.blogspot.com/.

    Her wedding planning site finishingtoucheventdesign.net.

  2. I just helped a friend plan a wedding in 5 weeks! Granted, it was in California. You can do it! There are tons of websites with checklists on the things you need to plan a wedding in a short time. Just remember, try not to get stressed out :) Easier said than done. Congrats!