registering on the fly!

call me crazy for even considering to register at neiman marcus, but i have completely fallen in love with this china pattern from mottahedeh and can not seem to find it anywhere else.

{sacred bird and butterfly image via neiman marcus}

originally i was planning on registering for something simple and easy. something that would go with everything. but after spending hours looking at every white or solid color possibility, i was so discouraged, i nearly gave up on the thought of registering for china completely. maybe the problem is that i am doing this all online (one downside to living in napa is our lack of department stores...which is not really a negative until you desperately need one to be closer than an hour away). or maybe i should know better than trying to go down the simple and easy route. who am i kidding? i love color and i love crazy detailed patterns...and i love, love, love this one. who cares if people think it is too loud...right?

xo - nm

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  1. First off, congrats to you!!

    I would say get what you love, what makes your heart flutter! You can always get a set of white cafe dinnerware to supplement the beautiful mottahedeh set.