18 weeks.


18 weeks and I can say I am finally starting to enjoy this pregnancy. I hate to complain because I know how special being pregnant is, but the first trimester was difficult. I had a hard time adjusting... I was constantly tired, felt hungover, sick, developed a lovely rash (on my face of all places) and started getting painful headaches... all while going to bed at 8 pm and not drinking. It's so funny because I used to think that if I ever gave up my wine time and started to go to bed at 8 pm instead of midnight, I would feel amazing! And here I was, taking vitamins and being the most healthy I have been since I was a child and I felt awful. The lesson here is that giving up wine will not make someone feel better :) Only half kidding... truthfully, even though I felt so awful, I also felt so happy because I knew that all of these symptoms meant I was pregnant... and as long as that baby was growing, I would be ok with any amount of sickness.

Now, at 18 weeks I have my energy back and no longer feel sick, but I do still get terrible headaches and this rash is only getting worse. My doctor seems to think I am allergic to something and with my luck it is probably dairy... it's one thing to give up wine, but to have to give up cheese and ice cream too, oh that would be a very sad day! But like I said above, I'll give it up for this baby... and come May, bring on the mimosas and chocolate sundaes!!

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