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{napa valley vintage home.}

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! We had a busy one... I took some photos at Napa Valley Vintage Home for Alexis' Napa on Friday... please be sure to check out the new post, Bavarian Spirit Unleashed! And then cooked up a delicious dish from the Ad Hoc cookbook for some dear friends we had over for dinner. We are both going to be first time moms and a week apart in our pregnancies... so it was nice to talk nerves, names, whether or not to find out the sex and how much we miss wine (while enjoying a glass of sparkling water... oh how I miss my bubbles). 

Saturday, I went down to Giggle in Marin to pick up a stroller and infant car seat (they are having a storewide 20% off sale... including online, sale ends today). Funny enough, as I was walking around the mall I realized I was wearing one black and one brown Hunter wellington... baby brain has officially set it! 

On Sunday, I was finally able to convince my mister to come with me to the Alameda Point Antiques Faire... with the hopes of finding some vintage ornaments, gifts for friends + a new/old dresser. Of course, the minute we stepped out of the car it started to pour rain, which we braved for about an hour (without an umbrella!) and then decided to call it quits once we saw the handful of vendors giving up too. Needless to say, we walked out of there empty handed (but believe me, I have brought enough home in the past to make up for it). On our way home we stopped at my favorite little Mexican restaurant in Berkeley - Tacubaya... located just off of 4th street. I am obsessed with their Sopa de Tortilla... actually love everything on their menu (except for the tongue taco, not a fan of tongue). 

Now back to work... Happy Monday!

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