My week in photographs | 20 weeks

Hello and Happy Monday! This past week was definitely one filled with lots of excitement and holiday cheer! My mom, sister, uncle and I went to see the Nutcracker in San Francisco. It was as magical as always... and even more so because we were surprised with a backstage tour of the War Memorial Opera House about an hour before the curtain went up. I nearly cried it was so special. Below is a little snippet of what we saw including a few pictures from the Swanson Vineyards holiday party! Another magical event... filled with lots of yummy food (by the ever so delicious Dim Sum Charlie's) + Christmas Carols (courtesy of Mrs. Swanson). 
{half way there.}
Oh and of course the most exciting event of the week was finding out that we are having a boy in May! 


  1. Gorgeous shots, all of them. Congrats on the baby boy! Ashley was supposed to get us "drunk" on Gott's milkshakes and introduce us last week, but it never came to pass. Maybe we can make a holiday milk shake run happen soon before our baby girl is due (Jan. 1st).

  2. thank you!! i would love to meet up at gott's! and the only thing almost as good as bubbles is a milkshake. i am here for the holiday, so let me know when you are free. hope you are feeling good!! i can't believe you have a little under 2 weeks left.