good morning to you.

I ran up to St. Helena early this morning pick something up for a client... and for once in my life, I had a bit more free time than I had planned for. I was originally going to get a coffee at Bouchon Bakery, but decided to take mister Pablo out for a quick walk instead. He has been going nuts with all of the rain... poor thing just sits there and stares at his ball. And anytime I walk near, he picks it up and follows me around... and then drops it over and over again at my feet with this desperate look on his face. So rain or shine, I decided to use my free time to play with him... or lets face it, i could walk in on another one of these

As much as I was craving a treat from Bouchon, I am so happy I took the little break in my morning to walk around our neighborhood instead... with all of this rain, the air was so fresh and the leaves were so vibrant. It's moments like these that make me feel grateful and especially happy to live in the Napa Valley.

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