a photograph a day: 1/365

Hi. Hello. Happy Sunday.

As I mentioned yesterday, I have a few new projects I am working on this year... the first being a photo a day for 365 days -- Inspired by groups on Flickr.

For years I have wanted to start this project, and although I take photographs almost daily, I have never actually committed to one a day until now.

I love the idea of journaling a year through images. And this year especially is one that I am eager to document day by day! My plan is to post a photograph a day from the day before for the entire year. At this point I am not sure if each photograph will be something taken at random or if I will challenge myself to focus on specific themes each week.

Below is the first of the 365 photographs... a self portrait at 22 weeks pregnant taken on January 1, 2011.

{new years day . 22 weeks}


  1. Beautiful...

    And I LOVE the new project idea! Looking forward to all you have to share in this next year. :)


  2. What a great idea (especially for your eventful year)! Love this pic an am eager to see more!

  3. Your creativity amazes me!

  4. thank you ladies!!!
    and heather -- LOVE your blog. beautiful!!!

  5. Gorgeous! Can't wait to follow your year!

  6. Lovely photograph & congratulations! Great idea, will look forward to your daily photo journal! x