3 years.

{mustard in oakville . march 2011}

good morning! today is the three year anniversary of my first post on i heart napa. it started as a creative outlet for me... a place to journal my life here in napa, share the things i love and explore more of who i am and want to become. i am shy by nature and blogging has been so good for me to shed a lot of my anxiety and care of what people think. there is nothing fancy about it. i am not the most original blogger or the best photographer, i do not do this to make money or have any grand ideas of ever making money... in truth it is just for me. with that said, i do love how it is unfolded and brought about a connection with people i would not have otherwise met or communicated with. there are days i want to cancel the entire thing (a lot lately) and just hide in my own little private world, but then i think about all of the positive things it has brought to my life and i continue forward. trying to remember that this whole experience was about overcoming what people think and to not let that one person bring me down (although they are trying damn hard to do so). 

so, thank you. thank you. thank you to all who do read this blog and have said the sweetest comments. it means so very much to me.

xo - nicole

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