30 weeks.

{30 pounds in 30 weeks. oops.}

i am getting big. really big. so big that when i went to my doctor's appointment last week, my lovely obgyn told me that my baby was "obviously well fed." not very nice of him! he also informed me that i am on track to gain 40 pounds by the time this little guy is born... 15 pounds more than my dream pregnancy weight gain, but oh well. he is healthy + i am happy. i also feel a bit at ease knowing that we have already set aside money for some serious action over at downtown pilates. sandy whipped me in to shape a few years back + i am hoping she can work her same magic again this summer.

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  1. so sweet-you look great! and i know how you feel. i am only at nineteen weeks and i have already gained sixteen pounds. SCARY!! but i know you would agree: a healthy baby makes it all so worth it :)