hello again.

{deliciousness from andie's cafe... picture taken for alexis' napa}

yes, yes, i know. i have once again been mia. 6 weeks left in my pregnancy + real estate has taken over my life... both professionally + personally. + the rest of my free time has been working on photography for alexis' napa + a few other freelance clients (once they post their photos, i'll share over here). honestly, i have had no time to even think about this little man who will be entering our world before we know it! oh, but i didn't get a chance to do my first load of baby laundry. very exciting (making a note of that feeling now because i know in a few months i will not think it is very exciting)! 

so, dear friends... while i am trying to wrap up work, please take a peek over at alexis' napa this month. lots of yummy posts like this one about andie's cafe.  or this post about another favorite, the fremont diner!


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