the nursery | dresser/changing table

my sweet friend called me about a month ago while up in calistoga to tell me she found the perfect dresser/changing table at a consignment shop on lincoln avenue. since i have been working around the clock i wasn't able to get up there right away... and as the weeks went by, we were both pretty convinced that it would be gone by now. it wasn't until after a good freak out session this past week that i decided to make getting the room ready a bit more of a priority + called the consignment shop to see if they still had it! when they said yes, i knew without looking at it that it was meant to be...  + headed up there without question. i really can't tell you how happy i am! love everything about it... especially the price, which was a fraction of what i was going to spend on a new changing table.  

ps... we have decided to not put the whole nursery together until after we move into my house this summer. as much as i am desperate to hang curtains + paint the walls, it just doesn't make sense to spend the time or money on something that we will only use for a month. 


  1. GREAT find!!!! is it painted?? :)

  2. hi! yes, it was already painted... and the color i wanted as well!!!