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While visiting Mexico about 8 years ago, I was desperate to find these embroidered dresses from my childhood... I was on a mission and dragged my father around from town to town, vendor to vendor having him translate something that I didn't have the proper name for. We were semi successful on that trip (funny enough, they are all over the place now!). Last year, I found myself once again dragging my father, Terri, and aunt Nancy around La Paz trying to find these bags we all love in bulk to give as gifts at our wedding. After a long afternoon of walking in what seemed like circles (on a very warm day) we found exactly what we were looking for (at a hardware store of all places)! And now again this year, I gave my parents a mission to find these Otomi fabrics for the nursery while they were visiting Guadalajara last month... I know they are available here in the US, but I think there is something to be said about finding them on your own in Mexico. I gave them full reign on color choice and size and let them know that I would figure out the nursery colors based on what they come home with (no pressure or anything).

I have known since before I considered having this child that I wanted these fabrics to be incorporated into a nursery one day. I have been in love with these textiles since I was a little girl... and when I see them now, they remind me of grandmother and the time we spent down in Mexico while growing up.  There is something about the Mexican culture that makes me feel happy, loved and alive. The music, food, artwork and decor all move me... and I can't think of a better feeling to want for my child. 

My parents are home until Monday and I can't wait to see what they brought back! Will definitely post some pictures this week.

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{our wedding china . reminds me of the fabric.}

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  1. My daughter is having her first child in June, a girl, and wants the fushia/hot pink Otami fabric for a crib skirt. Do you know where they found the fabric in Guadalajara? If so, could you please give me the name of the Shop and location-- My son and family live in Ajijic right out of Guadalajara and could go purchase it for us. Thank you, Victoria (vgsavino@gmail.com