you can come now.

we finally put together the little bassinet from argington! i just love it! a big thank you to angela over at bumrite diapers for the recommendation + helping us order it!

as i said before, we are not going to decorate his room until we move into our new (old) house in a few months. so for now we just have my old bed, dresser, bookcase + this bam bassinet in the room. a little crowded, but i think it works perfectly for the time being! 


  1. The bassinet is darling! That's one thing I didn't get and I so regret it.

  2. The coolest thing about the bassinet is that it expands to a full size crib! So happy that it is working for you (at least it looks good!).

  3. That is one cute bassinet. And a cute bedspread, too!