8 weeks old.

{johnny mac at 8 weeks old.}
{starting to smile. melts my heart.}
{love bug.}
{again, those lips!}
{crazy about the chunk.}


  1. he is so gorgeous nicole. i love love love the last picture. i am obsessed with baby heads.

  2. thank you thank you kelly!! i am obsessed with babies in general. hope we can get the two little ones together soon. boyfriend - girlfriend!!!!

  3. Nicole, I think we should meet! My friend Ashley Teplin thinks we'd hit it off, and I know we have one thing in common: we have the two most loved babies in the Napa Valley (yes, there's a contender for your little John when it comes to being adored by aunties, grammies, papas, and uncles, both real and faux). Maddie is six months now, but she loves younger men.
    I've been lucky enough to connect with some fantastic mamas in the wine and food industry, down to earth people who make their own baby purees but aren't afraid to sub in the store bought stuff and who appreciate the fried chicken at Addendum, the sushi bar at Morimoto and the burgers at Andy's. In other words, they appreciate the luxuries, both simple and rich, but are relatively low maintenance at the end of the day. We try to get together with the babies, ranging from two months to a year and a half, a few times a month. Would love for you to join us. If you're ever interested in getting together for a farmers' market visit or a cup of decaf coffee, let me know. brooke.cheshier@gmail.com