10 weeks old.

these past 10 weeks have been filled with emotions i have never experienced before... and i am grateful for every minute. john truly is a dream. a little love. i don't even know what my life was like before him... and can not imagine a life without him.

these past 10 weeks have also been extremely challenging. the lack of sleep, the loss of independence, the messy house, unorganized life, moments of feeling helpless, etc... coupled with the fact that i am heavier than i have ever been before all have triggered a whole new world of insecurities and frustrations. 

the good news is that day by day things get easier. i am understanding him more and we are finally developing a good routine. my dear friend ali sent me her sleep schedule and so far it has worked wonders... last night he actually slept from 7 pm until 6:11 am (i did not sleep though... i wake up every 30 minutes or so just to make sure he is breathing)! and one of the best lessons i have learned so far is to let go of anything else that is going on in my life... it is amazing how having this baby has taught me something i have spent my entire life trying to learn - patience and peace.


  1. He's precious. I'm trying to be more patient, too. My god, it's hard, but they force us to be!