i heart todos santos.

if you have visited this blog in the last few weeks you are probably aware of the fact that i am getting married this june in todos santos. i have to say i am pretty lucky that my parents live down there and are able to help plan this wedding, because i have no idea how it would have gotten done otherwise. i did end up flying down there last week to check out the hotel where we are getting married and see to some other small details. the trip, though very lovely, turned out to be totally unnecessary as my dad has pretty much finished planning the entire thing. he was so cute with all of his notes and spreadsheets and elaborate ideas (including drawings) for the food stations (i really shouldn't be surprised as food has been a part of his entire existence!). now all i need to do is find a dress...

rancho pescadero
{the beautiful rancho pescadero.}

welcome to todos santos
{the perfect snack after a day of travel.}

a night out in todos santos
{a night out in todos santos.}

fresh fish

street cart treats
{i heart street treats.}

yummy shrimp taco
{i double heart shrimp tacos.}

fun times in todos.
{fun times to be had.}

a peek inside jill logan's studio.
{a peek inside jill logan's studio...very talented lady!}

miss girdie.
{miss girdie girl...who still needs a home}

market place in la paz
{la paz market.}

la paz market tacos
{our entire meal was under $4. so good!}

la paz butcher
{la paz butcher.}

la dulceria in la paz
{la dulceria in laz paz.}

la dulceria
{loads of yumminess.}

la dulceria

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