nursery inspiration | cribs.

We have about 13 weeks left and I am way behind on getting the nursery ready. At this point in time we have a stroller, an infant car seat, a bunch of hand-me-down 0-3 month old clothing from our little nephew and a good start to our cloth diaper stash (thank you to Angela over at Bumrite Diapers). Is the nursery still full of boxes from when I moved here? YES! Does it still need to be painted? YES! Have I ordered anything? NO! This is a big decision and I have a hard enough time picking out a flavor of ice cream at the grocery store... let alone a crib that I plan on using for one maybe two children (let's see how this first one goes). With that said, I know we need to make a decision on the furniture by this weekend (some pieces give an estimated ship date 10+ weeks out). So here are the four cribs that I have narrowed our (really my) choices down to. 

no. 1 Bam Crib Set by Argington | no. 2 Ray Crib by Muu | no. 3 Jenny Lind-Style Crib at Giggle | no. 4 Century Crib by Dwell Studio

{argington bam crib in white.}
{argington bam collection... kind of loving this bassinet!}
{the century crib by dwellstudio. also love that rug!}
{the jenny lind-style crib... i am torn between modern + this more traditional look.}


  1. what fun...it is all so sweet! but i just can't enough of those jenny lind style cribs-somethin' about them.

  2. I've never seen anything like the Bam crib, very cool! It would make more room for a chair while in the bassinet stage.

  3. i was pretty set on the jenny lind crib until my friend introduced me to the bam crib yesterday! i really like that they are made in the US + eco-friendly (here is the material info http://www.argington.com/Green_Attitude.html). so as of today those are the two cribs i am going between. although matt just informed me that he wants it to be dark wood, not white. one more thing to think about :)