shop | poppy store {marin country mart}

I was asked last week by a lady who I have worked with in the past (a very talented lady I might add) to photograph the opening of the new Poppy Store located in the Marin Country Mart. Originally, I had turned it down because I had too much on my plate... but when my schedule suddenly freed up, I was happy to hear that they had not filled the spot. Since it was a job that I was hired to do, I can't share those photos just yet... however, I will say it was such a lovely store to photograph... full of the most precious children's clothing I have ever seen. So darling, I could not resist spending part of my paycheck right there on the spot (truthfully, I could have spent my entire paycheck, plus more... thank goodness I am not having a girl!!!).

Here are some of the goodies I came home with... too cute for words.
{crazy about this outfit from petit bateau.}
{i could not resist this hat by egg baby.}
{the most deliciously soft outfit from kissy kissy.}
{l o v e these feet.}
{just looking at this hat from petit bateau makes me excited to meet this little guy.}

Marin Country Mart
2257 Larkspur Landing Circle, 32b
Larkspur, California 94939


  1. SUCH an adorable store! I love Petit Bateau.

    I'm really glad I'm not having a girl. I would be so screwed. Or actually, my credit card would be so screwed.

  2. i was thinking the same thing!!